Internet Honey

I got a friend
built for comfort not for speed
Found himself a little girl
Gives him everything he needs
She’s his internet honey
Yeah he found her right on line
She’s his internet doll
and damn if she don’t look fine

Swipe left, swipe right
I really can’t figure it out
I need that cyber magic
right away without a doubt
I want an internet honey
I’m looking for sweet and kind
I want an internet babe
Treat her nice all the time

I’m gonna mingle with some Christians
Sing some eHarmony
Go out on a J-date
and love her Tinder-ly
I want my internet honey
I know she’s just two clicks away
I need that internet girl
And I needed her yesterday

Plus ca change
Plus c’est la meme chose
Horndogs chasing ladies
Ladies chasing boy toys
All after internet honey
Yeah they’re doing it right on line
It’s gonna be that way baby
Till just about the end of time

© George Bisharat 2018