If Only

If only I was twenty years younger
if only you weren’t eighteen
I’d be flinging woo at you
with a power that you never seen

If only I were smarter
If only I hadn’t tried to cheat
I’d hold some fat diploma
‘stead of sweeping this mean old street

If only I could be successful
If only I could keep a job
I’d make money hand over fist
Stop dressing like a freakin’ slob

If only I were better at poker
If only I’d drawn a queen
I’d still be driving my fancy car
Instead of humping these tired feet

If only I could hold my liquor
If only I could shut my mouth
Wouldn’t be sleeping on your sofa
with my marriage going south

If only I hadn't been busted
If only I’d gotten away
I wouldn’t be holed up here
Shoving my cellmate away

If only I were world dictator
If only people toed my line
Things might get a little messy
But we’d sure have a real good time

Maybe I need to rethink this
Just to keep the world more sane
Guess we’d all be better off
If only things stay the same!

© George Bisharat 2016